Sustainability needs to include climate justice as a starting post:

Hi. My name is Saja and I am a 23 year old female that are super passionate about the climate and all sustainability matters.

I think that we are all familiar with how overheated our precious planet and sometimes we aren’t sure of what to do about it. Well there are so many solutions that we can all take and this is something that I want to blog about here on Medium. I have so much to say from my own experiences of being a third culture adult as well as working in the sustainability field as a journalist.

But if there is something that I have to quickly get across is that we need to be aware of how climate justice can happen through sustainability. As much as the ‘corporate world’ would like to work on delivering projects with an impact in marginalised communities, we need to make sure that those ‘people’ are included in the conversation as well.

My “blog” will be called ‘The Grips of Life” as sometimes it can be difficult in having a good grip of the problems that we face or go through either personal stories, work, study or anywhere else. I will try and make a commitment to write everyday while also running a 5k.

Hope you enjoyed reading the first post and tune in for many more.



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Hey. My name is Saja and I blog under 'Towards A Sustainable Life'